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Established in 2017, IC Marketing Private Limited is a Product Based startup, selling its product through networking. Flourishing well in the market since its establishment, our key to success is a dependable and trustworthy relation with our customers that would lead to a long-term engagement and an abiding business. Providing a number of sources of income to our customers, we strive to increase our relations at a sustainable fast rate. With the top-notch quality of products, we aspire to satisfy our customers with the best we can provide. We believe that our customers shall grow with us and therefore this whole idea of network marketing has been raised by us.

The secret to IC’s success rate is the high quality of products that we facilitate not negotiating on the caliber of our team workers. Working with the utmost of team spirit and work coordination, we have already started our success journey giving a cutthroat competition to our fellow competitors. Talking about our present business, we are recently dealing in health care and electronic appliances. Soon, we would be stepping onto numerous other ventures but have currently decided to kick start with these two sectors. Ranging from water purifiers to LED televisions of all sizes, IC, offers its customers with a varied range of products.

With its head and corporate office situated in Hyderabad, IC encourages its customers to reach for assistance or any kind of help as the need be. Customers’ aid is our first and foremost priority and we never leave a bit in improving our customer experience. We initiate our customers to grow as we grow and hence are successful in running a business that already has so many passionate competitors in the market.


Maintaining a calm balance between our business growth and the growth of our business members, in the coming years, we endeavor to weave a network that is not only externally popular but also internally strong. Having a clear focus on our vision, in the upcoming two years we strive:

  • To become the fastest growing product based company, extensively increasing its business through effective networking.
  • To become every distributor's dream where they crave to be a part of our growing business.
  • To build a fulfilling customer experience through our ever improving range of products and services.


IC has a mission that can be clearly seen through the eyes of every individual who is working to make this organization a grand success. With a standard group of quality workers, we deliver products and services that match our customers expectations. Our mission revolves around:

  • Administering world class quality products to our customers.
  • Maintaining consistency in our quality of work and team spirit.
  • Pacing the growth of our customers with the advancements in our own flourishing business


Though aiming to proliferate the market with our assortment of products, we have currently decided to venture into two of the main leading services. Presently we are dealing in:

  • Health Care Products
  • Electronic Appliances

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